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Albrecht Artist Durer Guide Manual Research Resources

Albrecht Artist Durer Guide Manual Research Resources

Here are some of their great products. ISO 9000 by Hoyle, David Law of Allotments, The by Garner, J.F. How to Pass Your Driving Test by Robbins, Jennifer D. Get information, facts, and pictures about Albrecht Durer at Make research projects and school reports about Albrecht Durer easy with credible. It is important to note that the artworks of both the Renaissance and Baroque periods were generally commissioned by wealthy patrons such as the Church or ruling. Compatibility report sheet1 music guias guides arquitectura dise

Holmesglen Referencing Guide . Please ensure you have the current version. This allows your readers to locate and follow up resources you have used and assess the value of your research. It also protects you from the serious charge of plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking information that has been produced by someone else and using it as your own.

The publications listed below include those written by staff of the Preservation Directorate both during and prior to employment at the Library of.

Ready Reference Center: Web and Library Resources by Topic; Ready Reference Center: Research; Ready Reference Center: Search Engines & Web Resources. Authors and titles are grouped loosely by revisionist categories, highlit in yellow directly below. Some (not all) reviews removed by and/or Best Free Unzip Software For Mac.

For more information on plagiarism and how to avoid it, read Holmesglen's Plagiarism policy. All submitted and assessed work, including Power.

Point presentations, must be fully referenced, i. The author- date system is used at Holmesglen. This style of referencing is widely accepted in academic publications, although you may see a number of variations in the way it is used. Harvard and APA 6th are examples of the author - date system. Reference List. A Reference List is a list of books, articles and other resources which you have referred to (cited) in the text of your work.

Following a recommended style ensures that your references are compiled in a consistent format and that it is possible for the reader to clearly identify and locate. 9780330460705 0330460706 Dragonfly Pool Poster, Eva Ibbotson 9780742407855 0742407853 Government Ready Reference (12-Pack), School Specialty Publishing, Carson.

Albrecht Artist Durer Guide Manual Research Resources

The Reference List must be listed in alphabetical order. The order is determined by the first letter of the author's/editor's surname or name of organisation. If there is no author, use the title of the text.

When using the title do not order by 'A', 'An' and 'The'. Your Reference List should be included on a separate page, at the end of an assignment. Make sure you follow the punctuation of the referencing style (commas, full stops, spacing, brackets, use of capital letters and lower case). See full example of a Reference List.

Bibliography. You may sometimes be required to create a Bibliography at the end of a written assignment. A bibliography includes all the books, articles and other sources of information that you found useful for the writing of the assignment, not just those you cited. Your Bibliography should be included on a separate page, after the Reference List if both are required. See full example of a Bibliography. In- Text Citations. In- text citations appear in the body of your assignment. When you use ideas from other sources, you need to give brief details acknowledging the source.

This means when you are using text (direct or indirect quote) or an image, illustration, chart or table that has been copied or adapted from another source you must include an in- text citation. The surname of the author and the date of publication is generally all that is necessary for an in- text citation. Page numbers must be included when you are quoting directly or indirectly or referring to figures or data. Examples. Direct quote. Example 1: Australia has many unusual animals and 'almost half are marsupials and the rest are either placental mammals or monotremes' (Fin 1. Example 2: In defining Australia's unusual animals, Fin (1.

Indirect quote (paraphrase)Example 1: Fin (1. Australia. Example 2: Alexander et al. Example 3: The echidna has certain characteristics which enable it to survive in the Australian bush. It has a keen sense of smell, a long tongue, hairs and quills and can roll into a ball when threatened (Australian Government Cultural Portal 2. Brief quotations (3. These quotes can be included in text. Use single quotation marks.

Longer quotations (more than 3. These quotes should begin on a new line. Introduce the quotation in your own words, use single spacing and indent from the left margin. Quotation marks are not used. Use a smaller font size for the quotation (e. Remember to change back to the original font size for the author, date and page number as this is not part of the actual quotation.

Punctuation. The in- text citation is considered part of the sentence therefore a full stop is placed after a citation which is at the end of a sentence. Retain punctuation from the original text when quoting. Minimal capitalisation is used except for the titles of periodicals (journals, magazines and newspapers). Single quotation marks are used for the titles of chapters and articles in periodicals. Single quotation marks are used for quotes.

When there are four or more authors, the in- text citation should show only the first named author followed by et al. All authors are listed in the reference list. Abbreviations commonly used in referencinged.,edseditor(s)vol. Fin, K 1. 99. 7, The book of Australia, The Watermark Press, NSW. Book with two authors. Barron and Williamson (2. Barron, M & Williamson, C 2.

Fundamental business law, 6th edn, Mc. Graw- Hill, North Ryde, NSW. Book with three authors. According to Alexander, Dupleix and Hafner (2.

Malinowski, W, Larsen, AA, Ngu, B & Fairweather, S 1. Human geography, Routledge, New York. Book with government department as author. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (2.

Australia . 2. 2). Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2.

Population flows: immigration aspects, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, ACT. Book with a 2nd or later edition'It is vital that every organisation. Robbins (2. 00. 3, pp.

Alzheimer patients can be affected by taking too much medication, or by taking more than one drug at a time (Alzheimer's Australia 2. Alzheimer's Australia 2.