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Aol Cd Rom Download Free Windows Xp

Make Windows XP Run Faster! How to Speed Up Windows XPYour computer and your car's engine are similar in one important way. Free Downloadable Music Paper Sheet For Piano. But actually, it's really not so hard to take action on the items I listed above. Failure to do so is an open invitation to hackers and crackers to invade your privacy and enslave your computer with viruses and spyware. To get the latest Windows fixes, open Internet Explorer, click on Safety, then Windows Update. Clean out Viruses and Malware.

Aol Cd Rom Download Free Windows XpAol Cd Rom Download Free Windows Xp

FAQ Windows XP,FAQ XP,FAQXP. PRESENTATION DE LA FAQ Windows XP: Objet: La FAQ aide les utilisateurs d When I put a cd in my pc or try to burn a cd it makes this horrible grinding sound and I get a message stating that the file is corrupted.

Are you running a good anti- virus program, with automatic updates? Have you scanned your system for spyware and other unwanted pests? If not, see my article about free anti- virus programs for details on how to protect yourself from those risks. Viruses and malware can slow down your system a LOT, because they use your resources to generate popup ads, send spam, and often interfere with the operation of good programs. Remove Unnecessary Software.

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You may have a bunch of software packages on your hard drive that are no longer needed, or they were gratuitously installed when you downloaded some other package. Toolbars, file- sharing programs, free email enhancers, online shopping . These uninvited guests can put a big drag on your startup time, cause web pages to load slowly, and generally bog down your computer. Go to Control Panel, then Add/Remove Software to see what packages are installed.

Remove the ones you know you don't need, and do a web search to learn about the ones you're not sure about. Update and Secure Your Software.

Speaking of software, new security exploits are discovered daily on the Internet. A hard drive that is close to being full can cause Windows to act strangely, and will slow down or interfere with efficient disk access and virtual memory operations. And if you surf the web a lot, your temporary internet files folder can become quite large, causing Internet Explorer to slow down or malfunction. Cleaning up unneeded files, scanning for disk errors and defragmenting the hard drive can help to restore some zip to your system. First, open My Computer, right- click on the C: Drive icon, select Properties, then click on Disk Cleanup. Click the Check Now button to scan your disk for errors. When the scan is complete, click the Defragment Now button to run the defrag, which reorganizes your hard disk so Windows can find and access files more efficiently.

Otherwise, updates to your files may trigger defrag to restart endlessly.)Okay, Now Take a Breath.. We're more than half- way done with the process of cleaning the junk out of your computer. The rest of the steps may seem a little more geeky, and you can skip any or all of them if you don't feel comfortable digging a little deeper into the workings of the Windows operating system. But there is definitely bang for the buck here. Some of peskiest Windows performance problems can be solved by giving attention to these areas. Slim Your Startup Selections. There are certain programs that Windows will start every time you boot up your system, and during the startup phase, they're all jockeying for a slice of your CPU.

Extra or unwanted items in the startup list will defintely increase your startup time, perhaps by several minutes. To manage the list of startup programs, click on Start / Run, then type MSCONFIG. Press Enter, then select the Startup tab. If you see items in the list you know you don't need to run at startup time, UNcheck the box(es) next to them and press Apply.

Some common examples are things related to AOL, i. Tunes, Quick. Time, instant messengers, and video managers.

If you're not sure about an item, no big deal. You can turn it off, restart your PC, and see if everything seems to work. If not, you can always go back and re- enable an item in the Startup list. This page may help you decide what to keep or drop. Clean Your Registry.

The Windows Registry is a database that enables the operating system to track the relationships between hardware and software. Unfortunately, problems with the registry can make Windows run slower. And in general, slimming down your registry will make Windows run faster. There are several utility programs that will clean your system registry of unnecessary and erroneous entries.

Read more about the Windows registry, and find some free programs you can use to correct registry problems in my article Do I Need a Registry Cleaner? RAM and Virtual Memory Settings. When you run out of physical memory (RAM), Windows will use a chunk of your hard disk to create virtual memory. This is a nice feature, because it allows application programs to access huge amounts of memory. The only problem with virtual memory is that it's a lot slower than real RAM. So installing extra RAM is a good idea because it's pretty cheap and easy to pop in. Find out how much your system will accommodate and install the maximum amount.

Extra RAM will probably do more to boost your overall system performance than anything else!