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Best Steel Shaft For A Drivers

How to Change a Golf Shaft People often like to change the shaft in their golf club, whether it's because the current one broke or because they want to try out the newest one on the market without purchasing a new club. To help save money, this is a task anyone can do with the right tools. Best Invitation Design App For Ipad. Items you will need. Vise or clamp. Propane or butane micro torch. Hosel brush. Heat- proof gloves. Masking tape. Small drill bit. Epoxy. Acetone. Step 1 Secure the shaft in the vise.

Customize your golf clubs with new golf shafts. Choosing the best golf shaft is essential for getting the most distance and accuracy from each shot on the.

Tape the head of the golf club to prevent it from being scratched. Step 2 Use the utility knife to cut off the ferrule, which is the small plastic piece by the hosel. A little heat may be necessary if the ferrule is difficult to take off. If so, put the butane torch near it. Step 3 Apply heat to the hosel area with the propane or butane torch.

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The Best Golf Shafts for Drivers. Most amateurs neglect to focus on the type of golf shaft they are buying when acquiring a new driver, instead focusing on brand name. Tom Wishon Golf Technology is pleased to offer an array of different custom titanium driver head designs to offer golfers the very best in high COR and high MOI. is a full time distributor of golf club components, golf club drivers, cheap golf clubs and golf club components. Buy golf clubs online from Monark.

Find great deals on eBay for golf drivers golf driver taylormade. Shop with confidence. Buy the KBS Tour 90.355T Steel Iron Shaft for less at Shop Golfsmith for the best selection of Steel Iron Shafts.

McGuirk’s Golf is the No.1 online retailer for Drivers. A huge range of custom fittings and options also available, with fantastic savings and offers. When choosing the right shaft, the weight of the shaft, overall flex and bend profile are the most important elements, with torque being much less important. Manufacturer of the World Longest Drivers, Best Golf Drivers, Fairway Woods, Irons, Putters, Hybrid Head, Golf Apparels and More.

Best Steel Shaft For A Drivers

Step 4 Apply some pressure to the head while heating and continue doing so until the epoxy bond is softened. The head of the club should then come off easily. Once the head comes off, clean out the hosel area with the small drill bit, then pour a little acetone in the area to thoroughly clean it. Step 5 See if the shaft tip needs to be trimmed, according to the manufacturer.

Best Steel Shaft For A Drivers

If so, follow the instructions for this. Apply epoxy all around the inside of the hosel. Then, apply epoxy all around the bottom of the shaft, as well. Gently, push the shaft into the hosel and twist it a bit to make sure the shaft is all the way down in the hosel. Use acetone to clean off any excess epoxy on the shaft or hosel. Wait roughly 1. 2 hours. Step 6 Once the epoxy is dry, cut the shaft to the desired length and apply the grip.

Wait another 1. 2 to 1.