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Bw Gas Alert Max Xt Manual

BW Gas. Alert Max XT II Confined Space Kit XT- XWHM- Y- NA- CS - $1. BW Gas. Alert Max XT II Confined Space Kit XT- XWHM- Y- NA- CS - Video. Hi, this is Rick Pedly and welcome to PK Safety. Today we're going to look at the BW by Honeywell XT Gas Detector Confined Space Kit. This is a complete kit and I'd like to show you what's in the box. So when we open this up they do have a sheet that's going to tell you everything that's in it. But lets just take a look at what those items might be.

  1. BW Technologies Gas Alert Max XT II multi gas monitor - World's most versatile and economical multi-gas monitor The NEW GasAlertMax XT portable and multi-gas detector.
  2. Single Gas Portables GasAlert Extreme BW Clip. Multi-Gas Portables GasAlertMicroClip XL-X3.
  3. Equipo de Seguridad Industrial.

BW Gas Alert Clip XT Extreme Disposable Single Gas Detector Up to three years of continuous maintenance. THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED MARCH 2016.

Of course we have the gas detector itself, the BW XT. Now this is a motorized sample draw pump gas detector, measures 4 gases. All the usuals Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, combustibles, that sort of thing, Hydrogen Sulfide. And comes pre- calibrated ready to use.

Also has now an AC charger, this plugs into the wall, charges the battery. A little tool here, for taking things apart.

Related Items in This Section. BW Technologies Gas Alert Clip Extreme 24 Month no maintenance single gas monitor; BW Technologies Gas Alert Clip Extreme 36 Month no. 1 GasAlertMax XT II Introduction The operator’s manual provides basic information to operate the GasAlertMax XT II gas detector. For complete operating. BW Technologies by Honeywell Gas Alert Series Gas Monitors from JJS. Your source for all of your BW Technologies Gas Monitor needs. We carry the entire BW line of gas.

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The BW Honeywell GasAlert Max XT II Confined Space Monitor is a multi-gas monitor with an internal pump which is able to detect and monitor toxic gas levels. RAE Systems Gas Detectors; QRAE 3 Gas Monitors; ToxiRAE Gas Monitors; MultiRAE Gas Monitors; RAE Systems Wireless Gas Detection; RAE Systems Gas Detection Tubes.

A little tube, for pulling sample draw and there's another one we'll look at in a second. The calibration gas, now this is very important. This gas is pre- measured, allows you to both bump test and calibrate your instrument in the field, and it's quite easy, and full instructions here, not a problem. Also a regulator, half liter per minute, screws onto that calibration gas cylinder, allows the air to flow properly. There are some other items here, that are kind of smaller, so let me just show you what they are. First we're going to get some tubing that's quite a bit longer, allow you to go down, let's say in a manhole, vault, that sort of thing. Mac Os X 10.6.4 Update.

We have some filters and these keep dust, schmotz, and water out of the instrument, that sort of thing. We also have a sample draw probe, now this is if I put this at the end of the hose, I can find some leaks or something like that. Then we also get the instruction manual. The full manual is here on a small CD- Rom. We also have the quick start guide and on the back here we have the calibration certificate. This is going to be calibrated at the factory it's going come with all the dates.

Then lastly, I'd like to mention we have Fleet Manager 2. Now this software allows you to put this on your PC and download whatever the instrument sees for further manipulation, review, distribution, from all the people that might be interested in what's happening. And to facilitate that we have a little adapter, goes on the gas detector and a USB cable, goes standard onto a PC.

It's a very complete kit and very popular. And if you have any questions about this or anything else we sell, please give us a call or visit us online at PKSafety.

Bw Gas Alert Max Xt Manual