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Crack In The System Freeway

Hillary Clinton Should Ask for Black America's Forgiveness Before She Asks for its Vote. Houston, we have a problem. Hillary Clinton's campaign has run into a major speed bump and it's called Bernie Sanders.

As we move toward the day of reckoning known as Super Tuesday, she's dialing up Black America to answer the call to action. The woman that was supposedly married to America's first black president is now hoping that it is Black America that buoys her campaign. The problem is that regardless of whether Bill Clinton believes, as he has recently stated, that. Or, the Telecommunications Act of 1. The Clinton era was marked by a reality of setbacks for African Americans that are too often understated, and are best summed up by Michelle Alexander, author of the bestseller . I can't believe Hillary would be coasting into the primaries with her current margin of black support if most people knew how much damage the Clintons have done - - the millions of families that were destroyed the last time they were in the White House thanks to their boastful embrace of the mass incarceration machine and their total capitulation to the right- wing narrative on race, crime, welfare and taxes.

Crack In The System Freeway

There's so much more to say on this topic and it's a shame that more people aren't saying it. I think it's time we have that conversation. According to the Los Angeles Times, . India alone is a country of 1.

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Billion people, the country in total only has around 3. Because I signed a bill that made the problem worse and I want to admit it. This is covered extensively in the documentary I served as a producer on . The increase in gangs and drugs that we covered in our film, resulted in Hillary Clinton calling those convicted 'super- predators', and stating they needed to be brought to heel. An action often reserved for breaking an animal, rather than rehabilitating human beings. They are often the kinds of kids that are called 'super- predators.' No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel..

RACISM IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM By Nichole Griffith Advised by Professor Chris Bickel SOC 461, 462 Senior Project Social Sciences Department. Peaceful Protests Impact Uptown Charlotte on Thursday Night, Curfew Set at Midnight.

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Crack In The System Freeway

In actuality they were brothers, fathers and sons caught in a webbing of economics that was 3. President Nixon formally declared a . This entanglement closed in on them as cheap drugs became available, and cities across the nation lost manufacturing jobs leaving employment deserts in urban ghettos.

Following her earlier statement, Michelle Alexander wrote a scathing critique, being highly critical of Hillary Clinton receiving support from Black America. In it she details the reasons why Hillary should not get Black America's vote, and calls on African Americans to take on a deeper review of the Clintons' policy history.

Bill Clinton was the standard- bearer for the New Democrats, a group that firmly believed the only way to win back the millions of white voters in the South who had defected to the Republican Party was to adopt the right- wing narrative that black communities ought to be disciplined with harsh punishment rather than coddled with welfare.. Clinton mastered the art of sending mixed cultural messages, appealing to African Americans by belting out . An oft- repeated myth about the Clinton administration is that although it was overly tough on crime back in the 1. The truth is more troubling.

As unemployment rates sank to historically low levels for white Americans in the 1. This increase in joblessness was propelled by the skyrocketing incarceration rate. As stated by Shaun King of the #Black. Lives. Matter movement, .

It is undeniable her record of preparedness for the White House is based in large part on his presidency. Focusing in on the economy, the Clinton era is remembered as a great time for America, a time when everyone prospered. But so often what is forgotten is a detail of how at least in part all those supposed good times occurred. The prosperity everyone remembers was short lived, and it lacked sound fundamentals to sustain itself.

As an example, in 1. President Bill Clinton signed the Financial Services Modernization Act, effectively repealing Glass Steagall the law that separated commercial banks and investment banks. Many economist credit Bill Clinton signing this legislation with the creation of the sub- prime mortgage crisis.

A financial catastrophe, which particularly ended up targeting so many Latino and African American families across the nation. Incarceration was yet another instrument used to skew economic numbers.