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Download Videos For Sidekick 2008

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Download Videos For Sidekick 2008

Bibleman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bibleman is an American, Christiandirect- to- videochildren's series created by Willie Aames that ran from 1. Christianity. The series centers around an evangelicalsuperhero who fights evil and quotes scripture. The show had three incarnations: The Bibleman Show, The Bibleman Adventure, and Bibleman: Powersource. The series' titular character is played by Willie Aames (from 1. Robert T. Schlipp (from 2. It is now being re- launched in animated format 2.

Download Videos For Sidekick 2008

Disguised in the full armor of God as Bibleman, Miles fights against enemies using scripture. Josh Carpenter , finds out about the Bible when his parents are arguing. He is a former children's pastor and is the second Bibleman. Characters. As depicted in the show's intro, Miles was described as a man who had success, fame, wealth, but was a frustrated and miserable man.

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After giving up and throwing himself to the ground in anguish he discovers a Bible covered in mud. Upon finding it, he experiences a . He then decides to fight evil in the name of God as Bibleman. Coats (played by Marc Waynes): Miles Peterson's best friend and first sidekick. Coats left the team (as stated in Conquering the Wrath of Rage) for unknown reasons. U. N. I. C. E (voiced by Maylo Mc. Caslin): The female computer in the Bible.

Cave and Mobile Mission Command Center. Cypher (played by Brady Williams): Bibleman's second sidekick. Biblegirl (played by Tracy Henao and Heather Mc. Smith): The first female human sidekick. She first fights with a net, then gun and then a side shooting thingy. Josh Carpenter (played by Robert T. Schlipp): The second Bibleman character after Miles retires.

He is depicted as someone who never understood the Bible until his darkest day (when his parents were arguing) where he read his Bible and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Melody. She is the only sidekick to have never served alongside Miles Peterson. Villains. Decepto A scientist villain with green skin. He only appeared in a flashback in Big Big Book, where he defeated Bibleman, but he (Decepto) was later seen behind bars.

Madam Glitz A self- centred woman in Back to School. She captured Miles Peterson (Bibleman) because she wanted the fame Bibleman had. However, Bibleman tells her that it is the Word of God that everyone desires and needs to hear. She was placed inside a T. Music Downloads Pay Per Track.

V. After she asks her friends for forgiveness, he and Bibleman fight. The Fibbler was defeated and destroyed by his own sword of darkness. The Gossip Queen A villainess queen whose character design was later widely criticized. She has two henchmen named Loose Lips and Blabbermouth and could fire Beams of Bitterness from her fingers. She was destroyed when she was hit by Bibleman's sword. Luxor Spawndroth (Brian Lemmons) A villain who takes on different persons after defeat. These incarnations include: The Shadow of Doubt, Master of Misery, Dr.

Fear, El Furioso, The Prince of Pride, Himself, and lastly Temptation. Ludicrous The evil sidekick of Luxor Spawndroth. L. U. C. I. Fear. Primordius Drool/The Wacky Protestor (Jef Scott) was a goofy, blue- skinned demon scientist who was formerly a green skinned demon with greater powers before he got demoted. His abilities include plasma balls and, as Primordius Drool, lightning. During his final scheme, he created a special portal to another realm to trap Christian students and turn them to atheism. However, he got caught in his own trap and was stuck there forever.

He was the first villain fought by the second Bibleman,Josh Carpenter. Rapscallion P. Sinister was the villain fought by Bibleman in the 2. Wacky Protestor to take out the source of Bibleman's power. He spoke with a British accent and, according to him, the . He was defeated when placed inside a cage that sucked out his power. Professor E. Meritus Snortinskoff A mad scientist who's in charge of Snortinskoff Industries and makes kids disrespect their authorities.

His henchman is Stench. This mad scientist is played by Steven Sandsford. Kul 4. Skul (2kool 4skool) A gray- skinned villain who devised a plan to establish a T. V. He is played by Jeff Durham. I. M. Wonderful A vain woman who wears a gold mask and a cape. She was played by two actors, one of whom was Lisa Kent.

The Cheater The Cheater, played by Peter Vann, is a villain who influences kids to cheat. He carries a staff (laser of laziness) and goons to support him in battle. Super Pro Gamemaster 2 This villain was a cyborg who could control machines. He is played by Henry Haggard.