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Dstv Drifta Usb Driver Download

If you are looking for a detailed review of the Drifta device take a look over here. DSTV Mobile / Drifta Frequently Asked Questions. There are 3 DSTV mobile service. When I wrote my review of the DSTV Drifta device back in December 2011 I didn’t anticipate just how much interest there would be in the device, nor the amount of. Newspaper serving the Longview metropolitan area. Features news, sports, businesses, archives, and local links.

Dstv Drifta Usb Driver Download

Country music station. Personalities, program schedule, events, photographs, mailing list, news, sports, and related links.

Watch DSTV Mobile on Laptop & Desktop Computer. You can watch DSTV Mobile on most Windows and Mac based laptop and desktop computers. You will need to buy a DVB- H accessory that connects your laptop or desktop to DSTV via USB port or Wi- Fi. Watch up to 1. 6 DSTV channels on your computer covering sports, news, documentaries, music, movies, etc. You can even access DSTV Mobile free if you are an active DSTV subscriber. Drifta Wi- Fi. Drifta USBHow to Watch DSTV Mobile on your Computer.

  • Drifta is a free application that allows users to watch DStv Mobile's or GOtv Mobile's DVB-H mobile television broadcast on Windows PC's using a Drifta (Wi-Fi) or.
  • How to Watch DSTV Mobile on your Computer. To watch DSTV Mobile on your laptop or desktop computer, you need to buy either a DSTV Mobile Drifta Wi-Fi or a DSTV Mobile.
Dstv Drifta Usb Driver Download

To watch DSTV Mobile on your laptop or desktop computer, you need to buy either a DSTV Mobile Drifta Wi- Fi or a DSTV Mobile USB Drifta from a DSTV outlet. Download Real Football 2013 For Blackberry 8520. The USB Drifta is cheaper at a price of 8,5. Naira. However, we recommend the more expensive (1. Naira) Wi- Fi Drifta because of its versatility. While the USB Drifta can only enable you watch DSTV Mobile on Windows and Mac based laptops and desktops, the Drifta Wi- Fi adds support for smartphones and tablets like the Android, Black. Berry, WP, Symbian, etc. Note that while the USB Drifta connects your computer via a USB port, the Wi- Fi Drifta requires a computer with Wi- Fi support.

Then you need to install the DSTV Mobile for the operating system on your laptop or desktop computer. For Windows based computers, install the DSTV Mobile software (driver) via a CD that comes with the device or you can also download it at the DSTV Mobile website.

For Mac based computers like the Macbook Pro, visit the Mac App Store to search and download the DSTV Mobile software. Once you successfully install the software, you can now watch DSTV Mobile on your computer. DSTV Mobile is not available everywhere in Nigeria.

To enjoy DSTV on your laptop or desktop computer, you have to be located in a DSTV Mobile coverage area. DSTV Mobile is only available in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna, Enugu, Onitsha, Asaba, Aba, Ibadan, and Benin. Note that coverage may be poor in some locations in the cities listed above. DSTV Mobile offers up to 1. DSTV channels. Channels available include news, documentary, sports, music, movies, entertainment, and so on. Two channels are free (NTA and AIT), but DSTV offers 3 months free DSTV Mobile subscription, if you buy a Drifta Wi- Fi or a Drifta USB decoder from any of their authorised outlets in Nigeria.

Monthly subscription ranges from free (for active DSTV subscribers) to 6. Naira (1. 4 channels). Watch DSTV Free on Laptop/Desktop. You can watch DSTV free on your Laptop or Desktop computers.

All active DSTV subscribers can access DSTV Mobile for free except for subscribers to DSTV Access. To enjoy DSTV Mobile free on your Windows or Mac Computer, you have to link your computer to your DSTV TV subscription account. Visit a DSTV outlet to link your computer to your DSTV account. System Requirement. According to information on the DSTV Mobile website, you need an Apple Mac Computer running OS X 1. MB hard drive. The Requirement for Windows based devices are as follows: Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop.

Processor: 3. 2 Bit or 6. Bit. Minimum Memory: 5. MBMinimum Disk Space: 1. MBUSB Port. You can visit the DSTV Drifta page for more. More DSTV Related Articles.