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Fashion Film Video Songs Free Download

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Fashion Film Video Songs Free Download

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Don't Download This Song - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The song was released exclusively on August 2. It is a style parody of . Among these are lawsuits against .

The song also challenges the RIAA's claim that file sharing prevents the artists from profiting from their work, as the song argues that they are still very financially successful via their recording contracts: (. Mention is also made of Tommy Chong's time spent in prison. On the other hand, I can get all the Metallica songs I want for FREE! It depicts the vision of the capture, trial, imprisonment, attempted execution, escape, and burning of a young boy who burns a CD on his computer. Various people, from policemen to criminals to even sharks and dogs, are then seen celebrating throughout the ending chorus.

But at the end, it turns out the boy is just imagining what would happen if he downloaded the song, so he throws away the burned CD and goes back to playing his guitar. As the song progresses, the video quality decreases from color to grayscale to dark grayscale to yellowed. On MTV's MTV Music site where this music video is available, they have censored the names of the file sharing programs in the song, such as Lime.

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