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Fate Cracked Version

Duncan Meerding Expands his Cracked Log Lamp Range. Cracked Log Lamp. There is a real passion for natural materials in our homes at the moment. I think we are all craving a connection with nature as a way to counteract our love affair with technology.

Lots of people are creating beautiful homewares using a natural and organic approach, but none more than talented designer, Duncan Meerding. I first came across Duncan, a young Australian. I then met him at Decoration and Design and fell even more in love with his work. At Design. Ex in 2. These cracked log lamps have become so popular Duncan tells me they are now winging their way across the world. In particular people are fascinated by the original Cracked Log and Stump Lamps, which now takes pride of place in my own home.

The way the light falls out of the cracks at night time is magical. The delightful and humble Duncan Meerding having a giggle at my photo taking! In April 2. 01. 4 he launched a range of products at his first solo show since early 2. It is far more subtle and even magical, compared to light which comes directly at you.

Artificial lighting can be quite harsh, but the soft cracks of light seeping out of these lamps, is mesmerising. As well as these two reasons, the exhibition name was connected to Duncan. This vision of light emanating from the peripheries, and the highly tactile nature of Duncan. This part of the story is even more remarkable as he predominately carves his work using his tactile senses and limited vision. I love that the way the light falls from the Stump and Cracked Log Lamps is in part a reflection of seeing the world through Duncan’s eyes.

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Cracked Log Lamps by Duncan Meerding. The exhibition launched the range of new designs in the Cracked Log Light Range, including the new larger “Stump” with two new variations in the range. The Stump W, which is ready to wire indoor or outside to 1. Stump B, which is battery powered. Developing on the original Cracked Log Lamp, Duncan has almost doubled the size of the Stump designs (making them 4.

Stump. Cracked Log Pendant Lights. The development of these designs in the Cracked Log Light series showcases the continued and growing interest that there is in these unique objects.

When you see them in the flesh they are even more beautiful. The designs are influenced by what is often associated with waste wood, and embraces the cracks, making them a feature and bringing that sense of nature.

We are craving a connection with nature in our homes, the designs from Duncan Meerding including his Cracked Log Lamp and Stump Lamp are giving you this in droves.

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Fate Cracked Version

You really feel like you have picked up a log from the forest and placed it in your home. The warm yellow light emanating from the cracks highlights the alternative fiery fate much of the salvaged wood would have met were they not rescued by Duncan. Duncan was recognised for his continued interest in sustainability in 2. Green Award for Best Sustainable Design at .

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This source adds to the designs over all aesthetic, pushing multiple shards of light from each LED through the different fissures in the Stump. Sustainable and beautiful. The more energy efficient light source used in this design results in adding not taking away from the overall design. The process of design with consideration for the environment and longevity in design, . This is a flat pack piece with a twist.

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The word flat pack often makes you think of unsustainable furniture made out of chipboard, with a box- like pattern. This table by Duncan has a form far from being box- like, and is made from. The way in which they sit give the illusion that the top is sitting on floating supports. The modern lines used by Duncan demonstrate his passion for the overall form of objects, rather than in complex detailing, allowing the design to speak for itself.

The curves, inspired by natural forms, are used to relax the user through sight, but also encourage you to run your. This up- light is suitable for many applications. Spirals 1. 80 will light the area you require, but will also create that relaxed atmosphere with the pattern of warm, yellow light being pushed through the horizontal slots. Canon 2520 Driver 64 Bit Download. These horizontal slots give the piece its name, through the spiral- like pattern that they form.

The light emanating through the slots continues to highlight Duncan’s interest in the dispersion of light, and reflects the alternative sensory world in which he designs. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! You can see more and find out.