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Accessing PHP and HTTP Data. Tai Video Bai Hat Con Buom Xuan Remix read more. You know how HTTP works and you basically understand clients and servers, so you're very cognizant of the interaction between your.

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Server Load, Server Status, Mysql Load, VPS Server, Dedicated, Web Hosting. This is where you will be able to set the. Items such as your site name, tagline. URL, primary admin email, as well as the time zone information for your. When you modify these settings be sure to save them by clicking. Because you'll be.

Web application, it's a given that you'll need a Web server and some. Web pages (a short HTML primer is provided in Chapter 3, although it's assumed that.

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Web pages). Note that some. PHP are related to very specific application. System Requirements. To run the code in this book you will need at least the.

Server software (an operating system such as Windows 2. Linux)A PHP- compatible Web server (such as Apache or Internet. Information Server (IIS)PHP5 (get the download from www. A relational database system (starting at Chapter 9, we use. SQLite or My. SQL)A Web browser (such as IE, Mozilla, and so on)A text editor, such as Notepad, Emacs, vi, BBEdit, and so.

You shouldn't have to worry about hard drive space or RAM, unless. PHP doesn't. take up much room, and runs very efficiently. You can run all of the software listed here on the same. If you have access to several networked. UNIX or Windows NT/2. For the purposes of this book, we will generally assume. This is the. configuration used by most Web developers.

PHP Configuration File. There are two examples of PHP configuration files that come.

PHP when you download it: php. After you download and install PHP. PHP starts it will read this file and set. The php. ini file can be written. However, you should note the following lines in the top of the.

This is the default settings file for new PHP installations. But you will want to use the recommended file when you complete your applications and copy. We'll discuss this. Setting up a Test Machine.

In this chapter, we'll walk through setting up PHP5 on a Red. Hat Linux machine running the Apache Web server, as well as on a Windows 2. Internet Information Server (IIS). You can run PHP5 with many.

Web servers, so see the PHP5 documentation for. And there are a variety of.

For example, there is an automatic installer. Windows version, whereas you can install the Linux version using RPMs. Linux), and you can also download and compile the Linux. None of the installations.

There are some third- party installers. For. instance, you might try PHPTriad or Foxserv in Google. Network Connections. If you don't already know, a computer doesn't need to be. Internet, or even to a network, to run Web server software. If. you install a Web server on a computer, it's always possible to access that Web. Web browser running on the same machine, even if it doesn't have a.

Of course, to download and install the software you need. Internet connection.

But you don't need it to be. Web server. Once you have a Web server installed and running, you'll install.

PHP5 alongside it. There's some configuration required to tell the Web server. PHP programs, and we'll walk through that process before we start. PHP. There is an automatic installer to be found with most distributions of PHP. Important What if it goes wrong?

The README. and INSTALL files that are included in most PHP. PHP manual at www.

PHP5. 0. 2. release. Where do You Start? There are two main installation paths from which to choose.

Installing PHP5 with the Apache Web Server on Linux (we use. Red Hat Fedora Linux)Installing PHP5 with Microsoft Internet Information Server. Windows (we use Windows 2. PHP5 can be installed on a great variety of Web. Apache on Windows. The two. systems we're using are the easiest to get working.

If neither of them suits. Refer to the PHP5 manual. Running PHP5. One of the basic choices to make when installing PHP5 with. Web server is whether to run it as a CGI binary or as a separate static or. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a very useful way to run.

PHP5. Because of security risks (see the . Our installations (on Linux and. Windows) load PHP as a separate SAPI (Server Application Programming.

Interface) module. On Windows, the ISAPI filter was used to run PHP as a SAPI.

Although it is most common to run PHP in conjunction with a Web. Web pages with a file extension such as . PHP interpreter before the. PHP code from the command line. It is present from any.

You can find plenty of documentation. PHP site (www. php. Creating and running PHP Web applications in a satisfactory way. Web server upon which PHP is. It also implies that PHP has been (or can be) configured to support. PHP programs. There are a couple scenarios under which these.

You are running a desktop or server machine, operating. Web server compatible with PHP, and PHP has been installed and. You are running a desktop or server machine connected to the. Internet, with access to a Web hosting account supported by a Web server with. PHP has been installed and configured.

The vast majority of desktop machines run Windows 9. NT, 2. 00. 0. 2. 00.

XP. In many cases you can get a free copy of Personal Web Server (PWS).