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Futaba Gy401 Gyro Review

Sad. A lot of this comes from a! The canopy is big enough for the battery and everything in the nose and it slips on/off very easily much easier than any other heli I have owned. The instructions are in full color and easy to follow for the assembly process. Weird to me was the fact that you had to remove the main gear and main shaft (which were already assembled in the heli in the box) in order to install the elevator servo. Also the wires weren’t color coded on the motor but believe it or not I got it right on the first try as my blades were going the correct way when the motor was started up! The Head is mostly CNC and everything on the head seems to be .

Futaba Gy401 Gyro Review

I have noticed a lot of folks that have commented on the head having a little slop but the one I got was actually a little too tight and was binding slightly. A very slight twisting of the head and smoothing 0. I have flown the tar out of this heli and I am very impressed. This is an important consideration here in Oklahoma.! I got the heli and typical replacement parts from Hobby People for a total of like 1.

The heli was only $1. For the price this is one wowzer of a heli to me. If you pay attention it seems that this heli will occasionally go on sale for as low as $9. Minor crashes tend to grind up the main gear and sometimes bend the tail boom. I just wish they weren.

Compatible with Futaba FASST receivers: TM7, TM8, TM10, TM14 + more. The OrangeRx 8ch is only 9.7g in weight and 33x55x14.5mm in size. Great for small planes. Frog Song 2005 Download on this page.

This is an Align Trex 600 (electric) kit. Can be purchased at most R/C hobby stores or ebay. The Airwolf fuselage can be purchased from centuryheliDOTcom. What’s the difference between a rate and holding hold gyro and how do they work? Find out in this article brought to you by HeliCommand X-Series Flybarless Controllers. Written by Justin Pucci Thanks to Danny Melnik at DemonHeli and Joachim Eulefeld at Captron, I was able to get my hands. Build/Review: HeliArtist Agusta A109 Fuselage Forum. Remove the skids, tail boom support rods, vertical and horizontal stabilizers.

RC Helicopter Tips, Articles, Reviews & More. We’re your source for all things . Please use the menu on the top and side to navigate the site and don’t forget to check out out new forum. Here’s a few RC helicopter video’s I’m come across on the web that you might enjoy: Here’s a RC Heli Crash you wouldn’t usually expect: And this RC Heli has got AMMUNITION: And be ready to be surprised with these AMAZING RC Heli Stunts: Here’s An Avant RC Heli In A ? Ask it in our brand new RC Helicopter Forum and you'll get expert answers quick.

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Futaba Gy401 Gyro Review