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General Midi Sound Effects

Ketron SD4 Midi Sound Module. The KETRON SD4 is a pocket size sound module designed for all PC and MIDI applications.

Equipped with a new powerful sound engine, including a professional Stereo Grand Piano sound over 8. Orchestral voices such as Saxophones, Brass, Woodwinds, Guitars, Accordions, Organ Digital Drawbars and many others, the SD4 has all the latest features for recording, programming and live performances. Microsoft Windows 7 Activator Download Free 32 Bit.

The quality of the Solo instumental Voices (following the traditional KETRON Best Natural sound heritage) is a remarkable advantage the SD4 hos over its competitors. In addition to these, the SD4 hincludes very distinctive Audio Drum and Percussion Loops selected from Slow, Jazz, Latin, Acoustic, Traditional and Dance backgrounds. Used in conjunction with a Computer, Master keyboard, MIDI accordion or MIDI guitar, the SD4 offers an . The two input MIDI ports allow one to play very high quality sounds while at the same time having an independent MIDI file playing. The SD4 permitis one to stack and edit all available tones to get new customized sounds that can be easily saved and reloded at any time. Editiing these tones is even further simplified by using the special free PC software (which can be downloaded at www.

Windows Presentation Foundation - Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects.; Updated.

Moreover, by the three potentiometers it is possible to change in real time the Midi file main parameters balancing the volume of the single tracks of the MIDI file or of the Preset sounds that are being used. A very useful function of . This allows its key to be changed without altering the instrument's timbre. Special configurations with the sound Map (Templates) are provided so the instruments can easily work with the most commonly used sequencer programs such as Cubase, Logic, Cakewalk ans well as the complete SD4 Drum Loop Library.

Templates and Loop Libraries can be downloaded for free at the KETRON Internet site at www. SPECIFICATIONSSound. Generation: Stereo Grand Piano, 5. GM Banks + 1 Special Bank.

Factory Presets Voices. User Presets Voices. Drum 1: 3. 2 New Drum sets. Drum 2: 8. 2 Drum loops, featuring Acoustic,Latin, Jazz and Dance audio Loops. Effects: Multieffect DSP.

Reverberation,Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Rotor Slow/Fast. Operation. Modes: Master keyboard, Accordion, Organ, 2x. Midifi le. General.

Functions: Global Transpose, Keyboard Transpose,Midifi le Transpose, Intelligent Transpose,Fine Tuning, Keyboard Split, Midi Reset. Midifile. Functions: Volume, Program Change, Solo,Lead Voice On/Off. MIDI Interface: 2 Midi In, 1 Midi Out (Soft Thru). Midi Channels. GM standard. USB Interface. Outputs: Stereo headphone, Stereo Output Left/Right. Display: Alphanumeric 3 x 7 LED segments. Tabs: 2. 4 input buttons.

Numeric Select. Potentiometers: Master Volume, Voice Volume, Midifi le Volume. Dimensions: Lx. Wx. H = (2. 1x. 12,3x.

General Midi Sound EffectsGeneral Midi Sound Effects
  1. Sound effects editors must be patient, understanding and flexible because they will spend long hours in the studio. They must have good ear for sound, pitch and tone.
  2. General MIDI Level 1 Percussion Key Map. On MIDI Channel 10, each MIDI Note number ('Key#') corresponds to a different drum sound, as shown below.

General MIDI or GM is a standardized specification for music synthesizers that respond to MIDI messages. GM was developed by the American MIDI Manufacturers. The KETRON SD4 is a pocket size sound module designed for all PC and MIDI applications. Equipped with a new powerful sound engine, including a professional Stereo.