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Guiding Light Episodes Video Download

In fact, executive producer Jill Farren Phelps believed the show was so good without her she didn't approach Zimmer to return even though Zimmer was available. For a time, Phelps was right; the show had become much more of an ensemble piece, with several key players. Major characters. Ed Bauer (Peter Simon, 1. Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary, 1.

Lewis (Larry Gates, 1. Mayhew, 1. 99. 8- 1. Laura Bell Bundy, 1. Margaret Sedwick (Margaret Gwenver, 1. Charles Grant (David Wolos- Fonteno, 1.

John (David Bishins, 1. Mallet (Mark Derwin, 1. Added to the Coopers (Harley and Frank) were Buzz Cooper, who had abandoned his wife Nadine and their two children, Harley and Frank, after his experiences in the Vietnam War. The Reardons also returned somewhat at this time,Tony and his wife Annabelle had a son named Tom Reardon(name after Tony's dad Hugh Thomas Reardon) who was born prior to Bea briefly appearing back on the show in 1. Chelsea's failed attempt to marry Johnny Bauer and then again in the guise of Bea Reardon's second son (younger than her son Dr. Jim Reardon, who had been involved in the Dreaming Death and the Barbados- Spaulding storylines and then left in February 1. Tony), Sean Reardon and his wife Mary's children, Bridget Reardon who was introduced and living for a while with Ed and Maureen (Bridget would also have the first child that was a grandson of Roger Thorpe's, Peter Lewis Reardon; Roger's long lost son, Hart Jessup), and also Matthew .

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Bridget and Matt's younger siblings Ryan, Megan and Luke Reardon were mentioned but not seen. Chelsea Reardon left in early 1. To the dismay of longtime viewers the entire Reardon family returned for Maureen's funeral in 1. In 1. 99. 8, it would be mentioned that Nola Reardon and Quinton Chamberlains daughter Stacey was attending college in California. In August 1. 98. 9, Dana Jones was introduced. She pretended to be Beth Raines. She later became involved with Rick, but the relationship ended when Rick discovered she had been pretending to be Beth.

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Guiding Light Episodes Video Download

Crystal Hunt was born on February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, USA as Crystal Clarese Hunt. She is an actress and producer, known for Sydney White (2007), One Life. Guiding Light Main article: Guiding Light; Guiding Light; Guiding Light; Guiding Light; Guiding Light; Guiding Light (1990-99) Guiding Light. Guiding Light takes place in the fictional Midwestern town of Springfield. In its early years the stories centered on the middle class Bauer family, but later the.

Dana then became involved with Frank Cooper, resulting in an engagement. During this same time Chelsea Reardon and Johnny Bauer also became engaged, and Chelsea's college friend, and teacher, Rae Rooney came to Springfield to be Chelsea's matron of honor. Chelsea was stalked by an unknown person, originally thought to be a crazed fan of Johnny's, due to Johnny being a talk show host and singer on WSPR- TV. Chelsea nearly lost her life twice, once when she was attacked by someone wielding a pair of gardening shears in a park gazebo, and once when her coffee was poisoned. Dana Jones became chief suspect when Rick caught her impersonating Chelsea. Chelsea was a news anchor at WSPR and Dana just wanted to be like her. Later when Dana paid a visit to the control booth at WSPR she caught Rae about to kill Chelsea, again, and so it was Rae who was the stalker.

Rae shot Dana, and Dana was temporarily in a coma, at Cedars Hospital. Chelsea, Rick, Johnny and now private investigator Frank Cooper, were unaware that Rae was the stalker. Rae paid a private visit to Dana's hospital room, and seeing Rae in her room caused Dana to die of shock. In April 1. 99. 0, Rae attempted to murder Chelsea, isolating her in her apartment. Rae despised Chelsea for supposedly making advances towards Rae's younger brother, Bobby. Bobby had committed suicide while in a mental hospital. Rick, Johnny and Frank were able to deduce the stalker's identity, rescued Chelsea, and Rae was sent to prison.

Guiding Light Episodes Video Download

Shortly after this, Chelsea and Johnny were written out, when Johnny left to go to be with Roxie Shayne in Switzerland, and Chelsea left to go on tour as a singer. Johhny's mom Lainie Donovan Bauer would die (offscreen) at the end of 1.

Reintroduced to the show was first a SORASed, Samantha Marler (Suzy Cote) (who got involved with Dylan Lewis, and ended up being severely injured and for a time in a wheelchair, when she threw herself out of the car Reva would end up driving off the bridge to her supposed death), and then Dr. Justin Marler who had since broken up with Helen Manzini returned from India to help both his daughter and his brother, Ross. Samantha would depart in 1. Blake played both ends against the middle with both Alan- Michael Spaulding (pretending to be pregnant and then pretending to have suffered from a miscarriage), Alan- Michael's older adopted brother, Phillip Spaulding, and her lover from her college days, Gary Swanson who tried to kill at various times in 1.

Alan- Michael, Phillip and Blake, kidnapped both Alan- Michael and Blake, and also killed the man who brought an alive, Beth Raines (now played by Beth Chamberlin) back to Springfield, architect, Neil Everest and tried to set up Phillip as Neil's murderer and almost succeeded, until Roger, Ross and a briefly returned to town, India von Halkein figured out his and Blake's plans (Alan- Michael would dump her, and Blake for a while would blame both her parents and Ross for doing this).