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  1. When Daniel Salas and his cousin Melvin Salas first started talking about creating a music technology startup in their hometown of San Jose, Costa Rica, in.
  2. Getting a Bad Annual Performance Review has Career Benefits! When you get an annual review that gets you questioning your career path and advancement opportunities.

A framework can assume responsibility over very little, such as with Backbone, or a great deal of the stack, including the rendering process. The question we have to. Equipped with our latest Lexus Hybrid Drive, delivering 197 DIN hp of power, the new NX 300h crossover is amazingly smooth to drive. HP needs 6-8 weeks to ship additional TouchPads, according to a leaked email sent to customers. HP is prepping one last run for its defunct tablet. Get the latest technology news, articles and op-eds. A look at the innovations and technologies that are shaping the future and changing the world.

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I recently caught this video on You Tube which explains theoretical Anti-Gravity technology. The theoretical device employs Mercury rotating in a superconductive ring. Moor Insights & Strategy writes non-commissioned and commissioned publications. Non-commissioned publications Available publicly; Not commissioned or sponsored by any. Glassy Metals May Be Materials of the Future. They're harder, stronger, and basically just better.

When is comes to engines taking a beating like no other, no one knows the consequences better than DSM. For this reason they decided to build the toughest 408 Windsor.

Barry Allen - Arrowverse Wiki. For his Earth Two equivalent, see Barry Allen (Earth Two). And I wish that I was in a place where I could try that with you.

But I feel so hollowed out inside right now. I feel more broken than I've ever felt in my life. If I'm ever gonna be worth anything to you, I need to fix what's wrong with me. I need to find some..

Barry is the son of Henry Allen and Nora Allen, the foster son of Joe West, and the best friend/foster brother of Iris West. 2 Fast 2 Furious Movie Download Mp4 here. Labs particle accelerator exploded, it caused a giant thundercloud to form and Barry was struck by lightning, falling comatose for nine months.

When he woke up from his coma, he discovered that he had developed superhuman speed and various other abilities derived from it. Using these super powers, he began acting as the vigilante and superhero known as Red Streak or The Streak. Soon after, the public recognized him as The Flash, stylized as the Scarlet Speedster.

At some point in his childhood he met Iris West who he became best friends with, and soon after formed a crush on her which her father Joe and both Henry and Nora were aware of. However Barry was also bullied by Tony Woodward and came to greatly resent him. Though not being fast enough, his mother promised that he had a good heart, and his father was proud of him for winning the fight. Later that night Barry was comforted by his mother when he admitted he was afraid of the dark but she convinced him he wasn't afraid of darkness itself, just being alone in the dark and wished him sweet dreams. Later that night Barry was awoken by a commotion and went downstairs and saw his mother, surrounded in streaks of red and yellow lighting. Barry attempted to reach his mother but she told him to stay back and a midst the streaks Barry saw a yellow suited figure for a brief second, and his father told him to run. At that very moment however Barry suddenly found himself 2.

Barry returned home in time to see his father being arrested by police, the former who told him not to enter the house. He entered, seeing Joe standing solemnly over a body.

When he walked away, Barry approached the body and discovered, to his horror, that it was his mother. Following the ordeal, Barry was fostered by Joe and Iris. Not knowing this, Barry kept trying to run away to see his father at Iron Heights, and he was caught and stopped by Joe every time; at one point, Barry called him out for it, telling him that he wasn't his father and that he hated him. Eventually, Barry finally reached Iron Heights before Joe could stop him, and he finally came face to face with his father. Henry told him that he simply did not want Barry to see him in prison.

Despite this, Barry begged for his father's release, insisting that the man in the lightning was who killed his mother, not Henry. Henry told him that he couldn't help him and asked that he be a good boy and let Joe raised him. Henry was promptly taken away and Barry became more accepting of Joe as his new guardian. Joe saw this and understood why he was acting angry because he didn't want to let the pain of the grief in, fearing his father and mother would be disappointed in him if he did. However Joe convinced him it's ok to let the pain in and Barry finally let himself feel the grief and cried, to which Joe comforted him and promised that he'd always be there for him.

Joe noticed this and had Barry spar with Iris who easily beat him. Joe then told Barry that if he ever got into a fight he couldn't win that it was okay to run the other way. It was with this skill that Barry was motivated by his mother's murder to study criminology, in the hopes of proving that his father was innocent. Harrison Wells, scientist who was in the midst of developing a particle accelerator that would open new fields of science and change the world. Barry came to idolize Wells so much he would have paid for his autograph and ready his autobiography twice.

He wasn't able to initially get a cab as the driver pulled away, and he soon arrived at Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division to investigate a mysterious break- in as a CSI from Central City with a connecting case, where he met Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Quentin Lance and Felicity Smoak (the latter whom he had an instant connection with). The two began talking, and Barry began speculating about The Arrow and his background, making incisive observations about why The Arrow wore green instead of black, the type of arrows he used, and how he theorized that The Arrow has partners, particularly someone who had a background in computer sciences; all of this unnerved Felicity. During that particular part of their investigation, Felicity invited Barry to a Queen Consolidated function, which was actually a party at the Queen Mansion. However, before the results came in, his cover as a crime scene investigator working for the police was blown by Oliver just after he and Felicity began arguing over a news report about the mass particle accelerator.

XV1. 04 Riptide Battlesuit - Warhammer 4. An XV1. 04 Riptide Battlesuit of the Vior'la. Sept supporting Tau. Fire Warriors during the conquest of Mu'gulath Bay. The XV1. 04 Riptide Battlesuit is one of the latest Tau. Earth Caste innovations, designed to combat the most dangerous enemies of the Tau Empire.

Powered by an experimental Dark Matter Nova Reactor and equipped with an arsenal of highly advanced weapon systems, the XV1. Riptide is the pinnacle of Tau Battlesuit technology. Standing twice the height of an XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, its long, back- jointed legs hold up a heavily armoured torso that houses the Riptide’s Dark Matter Nova Reactor - - an experimental power generator that can be activated should the Shas’vre pilot require extra power to sustain his heavy rate of fire.

The XV1. 04 carries a sleek Riptide Shield Generator on one arm and a Heavy Burst Cannon, which can be exchanged for an Ion Accelerator, on the other. To provide manoeuvrability, the XV1. Riptide Battlesuit is also equipped with a large Jetpack that juts out from its shoulder blades. On the battlefield, a Riptide can jet quickly to plug gaps in Tau lines and give covering fire for its colleagues whilst shielding its allies with its armoured bulk. The pilot can also willingly risk using the Riptide's Nova Reactor - - even though exposure to its radiation may kill him - - so that he can better serve his comrades and ensure a perfected reactor is developed for future generations. Such self- sacrifice highlights the nobility of the Greater Good and the heroic natures of XV1.

Riptide Battlesuit pilots. There was initially no appearance of this long- awaited latest prototype, but that changed during the expansion's first big showdown with the Imperium of Mankind on the Imperial world of Agrellan. The human armies had amassed and dug in to protect their Hive World; a situation that would normally call for the Tau to concentrate their forces on other, less fortified worlds. However, as the gateway planet to the whole of the coveted Dovar System, Agrellan was a keystone no invader could afford to bypass - - its orbit blocked the best route through the largely impassable Damocles Gulf, and so it had to be taken. These killing fields were strewn with impenetrable tank traps and gravity- mines. Should the Tau force their way through these perimeters, or simply airdrop within the fortified rings, they would find themselves within the claustrophobic and twisting streets of the great hive city itself.

There, specially prepared blockades and defensive citadels awaited the unwary, with infantry and armour garrisoned within to launch counterattacks. It was a planet entirely given over to defending itself - - its whole population geared either for war, or for war production. Twenty Hunter Cadres would simultaneously strike key hive nodes, and at the vanguard of each strode the cutting edge of Earth Caste weapons technology, and the pinnacle of their Battlesuit development - - the XV1. Riptide. At long last, the largest Tau Battlesuit prototype yet created by the Earth Caste was unleashed. The ground assaults began, perfectly coinciding with entire shoals of Sun Shark bombers streaking overhead and numerous distracting attacks launched by forward- positioned Stealthsuit and Pathfinder Teams. As massed Hammerheads and skyborne Mantas rained fire on the enemy line, the XV1.

Riptides at the fore came under attack. Enemy shells exploded harmlessly off their armour as each Riptide brought its arsenal to bear upon the defenders.

Missiles, from the Riptide's secondary weapon systems and from its accompanying Shielded Missile Drones, blazed outwards, leaving contrails as they streaked into the enemy's ranks. To the rear, those Riptides outfitted with the Ion Accelerator showed off the range and hitting power of their prototype weapons - - destroying battle tanks and blowing chunks out of the reinforced bunkers.

Amidst the rain of incoming ordnance and the blossoming of explosions, the distinctive thrumming sound of the Riptides overcharging their Nova Reactors could be heard. The very air crackled with electrical pulses due to the sheer energy generated by these indomitable power- packs.

The massed guns of the Imperial Guard quickly targeted the giant Battlesuits, but to little avail. Near the gates of the prime hive, a battery of incoming Deathstrike Missiles momentarily lit the battlefield as they crashed into Tau lines. For a long moment it seemed as if both sides paused; only an XV1. Riptide, protected by its Nova Shield, emerged from the flaming crater, black scorch marks marring its armour, all it had to show for its brush with destruction. With Fire Warriors advancing at their feet, the streets of every hive on Agrellan soon ran red with blood. Their defence and spirit broken, Guardsmen fled their posts in a complete rout.

Only the lenient surrender terms offered by the Water Caste saved an all- out massacre.