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Psion Series 3C Software

Psion Series 3c Software Reviews

Psion Series 3c Softwares

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Psion Series 3C Software

Information on Psion Devices from File. Save. As. Information and support for the ground- breaking Psion range of handheld organisers. The name Psion will forever be associated with organisers and handheld PDAs.

The Psion range started with the launch of the Organiser. I in 1. 98. 4, up to the Revo Plus, Series 5mx and the Series 7 / net. Book. Psion Availability. The Psion Range. Revo, Revo Plus. Launched: 1. 99. 9Memory: 8.

Psion Series 3c Software Atlanta

MB (Revo), 1. 6MB (Revo Plus)Screen: 4. Variants: Diamond Mako.

Availability: See our FAQSeries. Launched: 1. 99. 9Memory: 1. MBScreen: 6. 40 x 2.

In der folgende Tabellen sind alle Kombinationen f. Die Liste wird laufend manuell und automatisiert aktualisiert. The PocketBook notebooks, of which the PocketBook II is an example, are special in that they do not use ARM processors. Instead, they are 100% compatible with Psion.

Variants: Psion. 5mx Pro , Ericsson Mc. Availability: See our FAQSeries. Book. Launched: 1.

Memory: 1. 6MB (Series 7), 3. MB (net. Book). Screen: 6.

Psion still produces a range of industrial devices, under the Psion Teklogix brand. The last Psion consumer devices, the 5mx, Series 7 and Revo shipped with the ER5 EPOC Operating System, from Symbian. Many of the newer smartphones released after Psion stopped producing handhelds includes later versions of this operating system, now known. Symbian OS. Smartphones powered by Symbian included the Nokia 9. Nokia 6. 60. 0 and the Sony.

Ericsson. P9. 10, with newer handsets such as the Nokia N9. Nokia 5. 80. 0 still being powered by Symbian software. How we can help? We are also one of the few remaining sites operating a Psion discussion forum. Here are some links to our content: Psion Forum - Ask for help and advice in one of the few remaining Psion discussion boards in the world.

Psion FAQ - Got a Psion question? Check here first. Psion Connected - How to connect your Psion to the Internet. Psion Links - Handy places on the net. Want a Psion replacement?

Consider the Asus Eee range. Pictured here is the Eee PC 7. It's a little bigger than a Psion 5mx, and half the size of an average laptop. It has wi- fi, 3 USB ports, and is pretty powerful. There are ASUS models that run Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux and Google Android. More on our Asus Eee PC Page.

Psion Epoc Utilities Software. Utilities and file manager programs for Psion Epoc. Mark. O'Neill www. App. Link. Simon Long, shareware. App. Link creates links to EPOC applications - . Windows or aliases on the Macintosh.

App. Links. are small (only 1. EPOC file. system. They display the same icon as the actual application linked to. Extras bar icon. Provided as 4k app, 2k aif, with readme. Tip. You. can use Shift Ctrl C in many applications to see some of the special. Psion characters.

Optimise defragments Compact Flash drives. Check. Disk looks for. CF disk (Windows may stuff up your CF if it writes stuff to. CF) (note EDU does not work on memory exceeding 1. MB in Series 7). Test Report. Check. Disk works well, identifying potential FAT problems. Optimise. works, although it takes a few minutes.

OK tested. www. atelier. Backlite Plus. Controls backlight and contrast settings on startup, play a startup. Length, surface. volume, weight, speed, temperature. Formerly http: //pnicolas. Trygveh Henriksen. Programmer's calculator, various bases and operations. ASCII and. EBCDIC.

Written by J D Medhurst. Switch between open programs using Ctrl Space like Alt Tab in. Windows. Correctly preserve. UID and also all captions, capabilities flags (eg. V1. 11 www. jbsoft.

JB5. Utils. Bunch of handy utilities in one popup package. Locate temporary or extra large files.

Freeware by John Boyce. Jwin, or Just What I Need. Shareware utility by Phil Spencer.

A dozen clipboards, for text, images, graphs and audio. Henri Spagnola. mypage. Yet. Another. Home. Page/indexgb. html.

Menu. Plus. Series. Menu. Plus provides an additional menu. This menu is different. OPL commands by. the user. Controlled. via your serial port. You launch them when you start the job and close them when the.

Most of. the development may be centred on the S7/Netbook. You. will get an easy access to task list from any application, as well as. You'll. be able to run your applications and documents via any key and/or silk. EPOC Task Manager fully replaces system task list. Time based utilities, including an. Automate changing wallpaper on your Psion, instead of manually. Run for each third party application.

It lists your main and backup battery voltages, and can. Series 7 and Net. Book battery. monitor, tracks how system is used and estimates battery life. The introduction of gauges into the program makes the information.

When the brightness is adjusted the estimation of battery. I'm not sure how accurate the. Unfortunately, if the program is closed down and. Bat. Gauge. 7 also. Does not work from drive E: , but would be best on. C: in any case. Backlight controls. The alarm- server's.

From the power- measurements it calculates an estimate for. The program uses the great OPX . You do not remember why you have created a file. Well, Dir. Note will do it for you. Just press the spacebar.

The note. will be displayed at bottom of the window (only the first 4. Robert Longbottom. Epoc. Dos - File Manager. Freeware command- line interpreter.

Complete file management capabilities. Powerful RC4 encryption/decryption based on EZCrypt engine. Auto- loading batch files. Defrag system memory. DOS syntax and commands. Editing, viewing and dumping of files.

Commercial Windows Explorer like interface with graphics for. I can't see. the point, but it appears very well done. Should also work on S5, but net. Book. not tested. It offers the typical features for such an app like copy.

Also additional possibility of starting apps, files. Formerly at w. 1.

Exe is a file compressor that allows you to compress your application. Lots of macros available, like run program from extras bar without the pen, sort sheet tables, prompt for an expression and paste the result, replace shortcuts with text from a database, etc. It is a Backup and Restore Utility that. Handles Net. Book drives.

Web page only available in German language. Backup to CF or to FTP server.

Compress files not needed at the moment. Also archive documents and.

Delete with a hot key, and the file. Como Fa├žo Para Instalar Um Driver De Som No Pc. It's Freeware and you can define. A simple backup program (GPL License). Produce your own ZIP files for.

Psion. Compatible with PKZip, Zip and Win. Zip software for DOS and. Windows. Backs up the entire C drive. Your. style sheet support is too broken to use (sorry).