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Sherlock Holmes Malayalam Ebook Free Download

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Sherlock Holmes Malayalam Ebook Free Download

The Hound of the Baskervilles (Sherlock Holmes, #5) by Arthur Conan Doyle . I know, too young, but it was a school assignment. Anyway, I remember that I was haunted by this book for weeks until I couldn't stand it more and I read it again at the beginning of 2. But then, I was haunted again and I decided to read it one more time.

This is one of the few books that cause that effect on me, and if I could congratulate Arthur Conan Doyle, I would do it immediately. The Hound of the Baskervilles is the fifth Sherlock Holmes book written, and it is also my favorite. Now it's a hundred years later, and Charles Baskerville is found dead, and nearby his corpse are the footprints of the so called . People warn him about the curse, but he's stubborn and he will go to the Baskerville mansion anyway. That's when Watson is introduced to his first heroic role so far in the canon, because Holmes sends him to investigate there while Holmes finishes with a case in London.

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The book has many plot twists, and that makes it even more enjoyable. There were many times I was sure the answer to a problem was something, but in the end, it turned out to be something entirely different. Like in many of Sherlock's stories, I was fooled. Doyle makes you think of an explanation to the problem that is not the real one (or, on the other hand, you have no explanation and you are puzzled most of the time while reading). And this makes it more interesting.

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Of course I love the characters. Who doesn't love Holmes? Also, I'm in love with Watson. Most people say he's useless and that he is just there for Holmes to insult. Well, that is mostly true, but he is not useless.

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In fact, in this book, he's given an important roll, while in most Holmes' books he's mainly the narrator. The writing is dark, as usual, and it made me shiver sometimes. There were moments were the narration was really really creepy (the climax, for instance, and when Watson and Sir Henry are looking for Selden (view spoiler). But I do not complain because I love gothic books. The setting also made the book creepier.

The Baskerville mansion is not in London. Watson has to travel to southern England in order to get there. This time, they're in the moors, and what's better for a horror story than some isolated mansion in some remote moors? However, The Hound of the Baskervilles is not just a frightening novel. It has also some hilarious parts, as in many of the Sherlock Holmes canon.

Most of those parts involve Holmes either insulting Watson, or Watson's reactions to some of Holmes' eccentricities. Mystery/thriller is one of my favorite genres in literature, so that maybe explains why I like it that much. The fact that it is a Sherlock Holmes book has nothing to do with my love for this. Okay I admit it. Of course I loved it more because of Holmes. Anyway, this is a must- read for everyone. It's one of the best classics and the best Sherlock Holmes story. You will undoubtedly love it.!

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