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Space War 3D Download

Secret Space War XII: Marduk Is Crowned in Africa. Numerous top world leaders attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral in South Africa on December 4, 2. Some reports estimate that 9.

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Space War 3D Download

Space Invaders Download Free. Download Free Full Version Game Now! All Games are Trusted and Safe. Directed by Melissa R. With Em Clark, Zach Clark, Kelby Cross, Eduardo Gonzalez. Space Junk is a visually explosive journey of discovery that weighs the. Secret Space War XII: Marduk Is Crowned in Africa. By Preston James, Ph.D on December 22, 2013. Numerous top world leaders attended Nelson Mandela.

Space War 3D Download brings you the latest news, images and videos from America's space agency, pioneering the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics.

Certainly this became a major world event from anyone’s perspective. Could there have been more, much more than meets they eye to this funeral of Nelson Mandela? Was something going on in the background of this event event that was far more important than the funeral, perhaps a major turning point in world affairs? Those that know about current Secret Space War matters understand that there is a deep secret hidden in the background of world political realities that has been kept from the masses, the presence and involvement of alien ETs and alien/human hybrids at the highest levels of the USG and a few other top world governments as advisers and controllers. De Mãe Manual Pcchips Placa.

Unless the reality of Secret Space War phenomena is openly revealed and corroborated with hard evidence in public and admitted by all world governments, this knowledge cannot be yet be received or processed by the masses. For those that are not aware of the basic realities of the current ongoing Secret Space War, reading this article is probably a waste of time. Yes, as strange as it may seem, it appears that the Mandela Funeral was used as a cover- story to assemble the world’s top leaders for another purpose. A very interesting rumor from a reputable source, is that the Mandela Funeral was used as a cover- story to assemble the world’s Top Leaders to pay homage to an ancient Nephilim alien ET leader called Marduk and who has allegedly returned after hundreds of years absence to be crowned as the new King of Africa, perhaps later to be elevated to “Ruler of The NWO” or the “New Caesar of the Ages”as the final Third Force Plan for the Globalist NWO is revealed. And as the Mandela Funeral became a major world event covered in detail on every major news network around the world, there were several strange anomalies during or surrounding the funeral that have became apparent and which can be interpreted in ways which support this rumor.

Strange anomalies surrounding the Mandela funeral have surfaced. A very strange man performed sign language while the ceremonies went on. It was alleged that he had been a suspect in an earlier murder.

Concern was later then expressed wondering how this man could be allowed so close to top world officials when he was supposedly such an obvious security concern. You. Tube - Veterans Today - But was this strange man using alien ET sign language for certain aliens present at the Funeral or watching on live video?

And there are rumors, at least one reputable source involved which claim that Mandela actually died at the end of June and was either kept on a respirator like Ariel Scharon or kept on ice until his funeral and burial. Did Nelson Mandala die on June 2. December 5, 2. 01. Reports have now emerged that Mandela actually died on June 2. This itself could easily be used to support the rumor that his death was a cover- story to assemble the world’s Top Leaders in South Africa for another purpose, such as to acknowledge the formation of a new spiritual leader and King of Africa, Marduk, an ancient aline ET leader some believe is a fallen angel, demon or Jinn representing one of lucifer’s final action plans to convert the whole world to a pure luciferian worship system.

The main Services for the Mandela Funeral were held at the Johannesburg National Stadium and the graveside service was held days later in Mandela’s home village of Qunu in a very large specially built tent. There is no mention in news reports of the major G8 or G2. Final Graveside Services for Mandela were held in a large specially built tent. Inside the large specially built tent. Has the Mandela Funeral displayed some interesting associations between top American current and former leaders of both the Democrat and Republican parties and if so what does this imply? It is now known that Bill and Hillary Clinton accompanied George W. Bush and President Obama on Air Force One to the Mandela Funeral.

What is the official document that Bush showing Hillary that makes her laugh, with Eric Holder top US non- LE Official from the US Department of Just- Us standing up and looking at also.

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