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T10 Vs Muncie Manual Transmissions

Manual & Automatic Transmission - Tech, Overview. To shift or not to shift? Wither ’tis nobler in the minds of enthusiasts to use a third pedal or not is a matter for debate. Apologies to William Shakespeare, but to car enthusiasts, can any question be more important than choosing the right transmission for your car? When it comes to installing the right transmission, the decision to use either a manual or an automatic trans depends on your intended use for that vehicle. If you are a purist and drive a hot Cobra, then a four- speed manual transmission is a tradition. If you cruise to the local car show in a ’3.

400 Chevy Small Block V8 Parts The largest of the small blocks, the 400 debuted in 1970 and was produced for over 10 years. Street Rod, Garage Sale Want your hot rod to look cool at the show and hot on the street? Speedway Motors has you covered! Submit corrections and additions to this information to The Olds FAQ Compiler. Automatic Transmission Identification. On the RH side of the transmission, just above. Buying or selling a hotrods & custom? Check out the range of cars for sale below in Australia from hotrods & custom dealers and private sellers. If you are looking to.

T10 Vs Muncie Manual Transmissions

10 ways to improve the performance and reliability of your Super T10. General Motors used a wide array of manual transmissions in its vehicles over the years, but the. This page is to acquaint people with the identification of popular North American transmissions based on pan shape, case outline, and OEM numbering and coding.

T10 Vs Muncie Manual Transmissions

Automatic or Manual Transmissions--Which Are Best? To shift or not to shift? Wither ’tis nobler in the minds of enthusiasts to use a third pedal. PATC Performance 4L60E Transmission Parts and 4L60E Performance Transmissions from PATC. Welcome to the Ultimate 4L60E Performance Transmission. 700R4 Performance Transmissions and 700R4 Performance Transmission Parts from PATC. Welcome to TransmissionCenter.Com the Ultimate 700R4 Performance.

There are no rules as to what the correct application is. Qualitrol Model 930 Manual. We know of one Cobra manufacturer who installed an automatic in his wife’s car because she was tired of shifting. Some would argue that when the driver can shift the transmission, he has more feel for the car. When the transmission is in the proper gear to match the torque range of the engine, acceleration is instantaneous and controlled. By downshifting, the driver can also use the compression of the engine to help slow down the car. Dave Smith of Factory Five Racing said there are numerous reasons to install a standard transmission in your kit car: “A Cobra replica with a manual transmission has a better resale value because that is how the original car was configured.

Therefore, typically, buyers looking for a Cobra replica will look for a stick shift, but if you are going to do hard- core drag racing, you cannot beat an automatic transmission. For road racing and autocrossing, I believe you need to have a manual transmission. For driving on the street, it is personal preference. I prefer the manual trans because it is more period- correct.

An automatic in your daily driver may be more convenient, but banging a four- speed is a lot more fun for me.”Steve Lancaster at California Performance Transmission advocates automatics. He told us, “The advantages of a properly built automatic transmission in a kit car application are numerous. Dragstrip results speak for themselves; unless it’s a clutchless manual transmission, nothing will be as consistent or as strong as a properly built automatic and complementing torque converter. While the open road course is a different environment than that of the dragstrip, a properly built automatic will boast better times than those of an identically outfitted manual vehicle in all but the most competitive vehicle. On the street, auto gearboxes greatly increase the driveability and “fun- factor” for the kit car enthusiast. No more traffic jams spent with the clutch halfway engaged (and the accompanying spaghetti- noodle leg).

Jon Mc. Kean, director of operations for TPI Performance, builders of automatic transmissions, likes automatics for rear- wheel- drive cars and for cars that take on the dragstrip for “quarter- mile consistency.” He said, “For street use, it is an issue of labor for the driver–the way traffic has increased. Heat is also a factor that is improved with an automatic, and wear and tear on the engine and clutch is lessened. An automatic allows you to do what you want to do EVERY TIME. You rev the engine to 2,5. Mc. Kean is sympathetic to shift- heads, too. He said, “If shifting is your thing, you can still shift with an auto tranny. We can build one for you that shifts; you just don’t have to activate the clutch pedal.

That will put you in full control, and you can shift when and where you want to shift–it is called . He said, “Higher horsepower works with an automatic. If you have 6. 00- 7. We package a Turbo 4.

Chevy trannies, a Ford C6, and a 7. Chrysler, mated with bolt- on overdrives that will take 1,0.

Keisler Automotive Engineering is a leader in application- specific, modern- technology five- and six- speed manual transmissions and systems. Its founder, Shafi Keisler, believes manual is the way to go. He said, “We sell lots of transmissions to kit car builders who understand that you put 1.

Heat is parasitic loss, plus you link power to the ground instantly in mechanical coupling (manual) as opposed to hydraulic coupling (automatic). Another key point is that our trans is 9. When you are dealing with a 2,2. He added, “With manual, you get more flex in gearing, deeper First gear (if you like it), and taller overdrive. Our overdrives range from .

That is a 2. 0 to 5. Typical for automatics with overdrive is 1.