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Trova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trova is one of the great roots of the Cuban music tree. In the 1. 9th century a group of itinerant musicians known as trovadores moved around Oriente, especially Santiago de Cuba, earning their living by singing and playing the guitar.

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It rules out, perhaps unfairly, singers who accompanied themselves on the piano. Collectively, they have been prolific as composers, and have provided a start for many later musicians whose career lay in larger groupings. Socially, they reached every community in the country, and have helped to spread Cuban music throughout the world. With remarkable natural talent, he composed numbers in his head and never wrote them down. As a result, most of these numbers are now lost for ever, though some two dozen or so survive because friends and disciples wrote them down.

His first bolero, Tristezas, is still remembered today. He also created advertisement jingles, believe it or not, before radio was born. He was the most outstanding composer of trova songs, and his best have been sung and recorded many times. Perla marina, Adios a La Habana, Mujer bayamesa, El huracan y la palma, Guarina and many others are now part of Cuba's heritage.

IT CAN RUN GAMES SIGNED WITH KEYS UP TO 4.75 9. CAN BE UPDATED OVER ANY CFW. CAN BE UPDATED OVER 3.55 OFW. Musica Trova Gratis, Disfruta De la mejor musica Trova online, Descargar musica Trova. Download ICQ on your PC and start using high quality video chat, free messaging and make low-cost phone calls to any country. Nueva trova is a movement in Cuban music that emerged around 1967/68 after the Cuban Revolution of 1959, and the consequent political and social changes.

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Garay was also musically illiterate . It was, and he came back with a wife. Garay settled in Havana in 1. Rita Montaner and others to visit Paris, spending three months there singing his songs.

He broadcast on radio, made recordings and survived into modern times. He played the tres rather than the Spanish guitar, and developed his own technique for this Cuban guitar. During his extremely long career, Chicho sang and played the son in streets, plazas, caf. In the 1. 92. 0s, when the sextetos became popular, he was forced to sell his compositions to these larger groups and their composers in order to survive. His compositions include T. He worked throughout Cuba, and latterly a short film was made of him ('See also' below). The composer Rosendo Ruiz (Sgo de C.

He wrote the criolla Mares y Arenas in 1. Redencion in 1. 91. Confesion, the guajira Junto al canaveral and the pregon- son Se va el dulcerito. He was the author of a well- known guitar manual.

Manuel Corona (Calbari. Originally a singer- guitarist, he became a prolific composer after his hand was damaged by a pimp's knife.

And let's not forget the Trio Matamoros, who worked together for most of their lives. Matamoros was one of the greats. There were exceptions. Guillermo Portabales (Cienfuegos 6 April 1. He was the last of the old trova, the oldest working musician in Cuba, at 9. His double entendres were a joy.

Trova musicians often worked in pairs and trios, some of them exclusively so (Compay Segundo). As the sextetos / septetos / conjuntos grew in popularity many trovadores joined in the larger groups. The technique of guitar- playing gradually improved; the early trovadors, being self- taught, had rather limited techniques. Later, some tapped into classical guitar techniques to revive the accompaniment of the trova. He became more adventurous, yet still in Cuban vein, and in 1.

This bore fruit, and two generations of Cuban guitarists bear witness to his influence. Perhaps the greatest guitarist amongst modern Cuban trovadors is Eliades Ochoa (b. Songo La Maya, Santiago de Cuba, 2. June 1. 94. 6), the leader of Cuerteto Patr. Ochoa learnt both Spanish guitar and the Cuban tr! Ochoa plays now with an eight- stringed guitar (a self- designed hybrid of an acoustic six- string and the Cuban tr. The following are elements in the trova's great influence: 1.

The huge number of lyric compositions which have been used in all areas of Latin- American popular music. Unforgettable musical compositions which became latin standards. The bolero, the musical form most closely associated with the trova, and its relative the canci. The development of guitar technique in popular music.

Themes and initiatives related to politico- social events, such as Afrocubanismo, Fil. It describes a style of post- microphone jazz- influenced romantic song (crooning). Some Cuban quartets, such as Cuarteto d'Aida and Los Zafiros, modelled themselves on U. Gamestop Free Games Download Hidden World Art there. S. Others were singers who had heard Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Nat King Cole. Some of its most prominent singers, such as Pablo Milan. It differed from the traditional trova, not because the musicians were younger, but because the content was, in the widest sense, political. Nueva trova is defined, not only by its connection with Castro's revolution, but also by its lyrics.

The lyrics attempt to escape the banalities of life (e. Carlos Puebla and Jose. In 1. 96. 7 the Casa de las Am. Much of the effort was spent applauding causes that would annoy the U. S. Tania Castellanos, a fil! It suffered inside Cuba, perhaps from a growing disenchantment with one- party rule, and externally, from the vivid contrast with the Buena Vista Social Club film and recordings.